APOM is Leading the Future of IT Outsourcing And Outstaffing

In the current digital era, the need to systematically manage processes and information has become quite critical. Regardless of your size or type of business, IT solutions have become inseparable when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity within an organization. Information is required at the fingertips to prevent unforeseen conditions; tasks need to be automated to ensure tasks are done within a committed time frame. Not only that, ultimate customer satisfaction can be achieved by using the right tools, techniques, and strategies.

This is where reliable IT services and solutions provided by APOM Solutions step in. The company is known to provide outsourcing IT solutions and outstaffing services. They are committed towards finding the top talent suitable to the client’s goals and objectives that help them achieve gratifying results. This article aims to offer complete information about APOM Solutions – providing the most professional outsourcing and outstaffing solutions globally.

Thriving in the Workforce of the Future

APOM Solutions is a leading IT services provider in Ukraine. The company offers complete setup and support of the software development team and R&D solutions as per the client’s business needs. APOM was founded in 2021, with headquarters in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. 

Outstaffing – The company provides a talented team that drives flexibility and scalability in clients’ businesses. They also offer technical recruitment, legal and compliance support, account management, etc.

Outsourcing – They believe that finding the right candidate or a team of technical and non-technical IT professionals is a time-consuming and tedious process for every organization. The company helps its clients by allowing them to concentrate on other areas of their businesses while APOM’s outsourcing experts deliver the most suitable and reliable teams for their projects.

IT Software Support – Their technical support team handles all the software-related requirements, from installation to maintenance.

R&D Support – The complete research and development (R&D) support as per the client’s business needs. 

APOM Solutions is internationally recognized for its outstaffing and outsourcing services in Ukraine and other parts of the world. Their R&D center in eastern Europe provides one-stop solutions for all the software development needs of their clients. They help their clients by connecting them with best-in-class and experienced developers globally and forming the most reliable and robust international teams.

Providing the most professional outsourcing and outstaffing services with dogged determination has helped APOM Solutions secure a prominent position in the list of top IT services companies in Ukraine by GoodFirms.

Why do GoodFirms recognize APOM as the Most Reliable IT Services Company?

The company offers flexibility, transparency, and scalability with top-notch IT services, including outsourcing, outstaffing, R&D, and software support on a global scale. Their highly experienced R&D professionals make the process user-friendly, and the client’s business requirements can meet with a hassle-free approach to customized solutions.

Transparent communication is the key to keeping a solid relationship with clients. APOM’s dedicated team ensures that all the information-related updates with any issues or improvements are notified to their clients during the project. IT recruitment takes 3 to 6 weeks to find suitable profiles and top talents per industry standards. The company is dedicated to delivering the best teams for its clients without compromising quality.

Moreover, the R&D center in Ukraine offers full-fledged support for client’s business to grow their position worldwide.


In 2023, IT outsourcing and outstaffing services are becoming more helpful for organizations that must focus on other things in their businesses while maintaining the quality of the recruitment process. APOM Solutions would be the perfect choice for finding the right company for successful IT projects.

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