Move on to the bigger. Our IT talents can help you.

Apom Solutions customize, set up, and support Software Development Team or R&D center in Ukraine for your needs

Why Apom Solutions?



We make the process of opening R&D flexible and traceable. That is why every client gets a top-notch custom approach that meets the requirements and needs.



Keeping the process simple, clear & transparent is crucial for us. So you get the materials during the course of the project, updates and you find out know about the problems as soon as they arise.


Top-notch Recruitment

It takes the tech recruitment experts from 3 to 6 weeks to find & hire the best IT talents for you.


Scalability of our Clients

Move on to the bigger by opening the R&D center in Ukraine. Make it a full-fledged part of the business to expand your presence around the world.

Case studies

Development of an online casino website

Optimize and support the existing codebase of the bank system

Full-cycle development of LMS system for Israel schools

Software engineering of Israel tech startup

Development cycle in Estonian startup to save energy in buildings

Take part of development child projects in outsource companies

With What We Can Help?

Real estate
Workspace, entertaining zones, meeting rooms, and a kitchen — we can find a perfect office space for your software R&D center anywhere in Ukraine. The developers will feel the comfort of home while maintaining the productivity of an office. It will move you and your business on to the bigger.

Legal and Compliance
Forget about the difficulties of local offshore legislation. As soon as you reach out to Apom Solutions, our high-skilled lawyers will help you out. They have extensive R&D-related experience and are aware of all problems you can face.

IT Support
We provide advanced IT infrastructure integration, technical support, and administration for your R&D office. Enterprise-grade security is also placed in our care as it guarantees stable and reliable access to the network for your team.

Account Management Service
We understand the importance of keeping you and your Ukrainian team of developers in touch. That is why we have the most experienced Account Managers. Cast all doubts aside because the task will be completed as you have initially wanted and any problems will be resolved as they arise.

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Our Core Team

Andrew Piddubniak, Co-founder

Martha Frasolyak, Co-founder